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Platinum Package

We will take your visions and bring them to life. Our consultations includes : customized concept creation, planning and executing your perfect wedding. We assist with budget management and have a wealth of knowledge to cover all aspects of your big day.

On the day of the event, our coordinating team will be on site to ensure that everything goes smoothly; from the bridal party arrival (both ceremony and reception) to ensuring that your guest receive their souvenirs. 

Before The Wedding

  • Unlimited email and WhatsApp dialog

  • Telephone and Xoom dialog are based on appointment 

        >Envisaging, planning customized themes

       >Providing a guideline and checklist for bride and groom.

       > Budget management 

  • Assist with the selection of venue.

  • Inhouse services includes:







      >Hair & Make-up Stylist


  • Negotiating and reviewing all vendor contracts before signing.

  • Assist with reviewing supplier contracts to be booked by clients.

  • Planning layout of reception and ceremony.

  • Assist with all concepts of the program for both ceremony and reception.

  • Handling the payments to vendors (where necessary).

  • Coordinating rehearsals 

  • Finalizing, executing and complete synchronization of all things agreed upon in contract.

  • Overall coordination of all locations 

       >Bridal Suite (incurs additional cost for bridal assistance)

      >Ceremony Location 

      >Reception site 

  • Coordination of rehearsal.

  • Complimentary gift included .

*** (Prices dependent based on options  selected)


At the Ceremony

Wedding Ceremony

At the Reception

  • Coordinating the setup of the venue, seating arrangements, musicians, menu cards, center pieces for table etc.

  • Ensuring the layout discussed is visualized

  • Overseeing the:

        >Seating arrangements

        > The flow of the reception

        >Arrival of musicians, entertainers, emcee,              performers etc.

       > Photographer and Videographer details.

       >Compliance on services agreed upon by                 vendors.

      > Entrance March for bridal party and                        groomsmen.

> Ensuring that the items for the wedding are packed and ready for the couple.

  • Seeing that payments are made the vendors (where necessary) 

  • Ensuring the timely arrival of verdors/suppliers.

  • Ensuring that all supplies for the event are present (flowers, souvenirs, etc)

  • Ensuring that musicians, offerors, and all persons partaking in the ceremony arrives on time.

  • Coordinating the formation of the entrance march of the bridal party

  • Ensuring the proper flow of the ceremony

  • Ensuring the safe keep of all wedding accessories after the ceremony


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